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an abridged list of things that jkr should actually regret about the hp series, feel free to add ur own

  • albus severus potter’s name
  • no queer representation / outing dumbledore after the series was over and expecting that to be enough
  • attempting to…
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Dear everyone who follows me and members of the fandoms I belong to; 

It’s that time of year again; GISHWHES is upon us.
And I need to know who I can call on for help.
First an foremost, I need email address from all of you. ‘Why’? you might be asking. Because. I do.
If you give me your email addresses, I can can then send you a message about breaking a Guinness World Record. More importantly the record for most Random Acts of Kindness commited. Then you can sign up for it and my team can get points.
Hopefully you’re all wonderful human beings and want to help out your fellow man! (Both me and whoever you want to spread kindness to you) If so, hit me up with your email address! C:

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House+Sign Analysis : Hufflepuff Sagittarius 

The combination of Hufflepuff house and the Sagittarius sign is one of the sweetest combinations there is. They are care-free, glass half full folks, always bubbly and not dwelling on anything stressful or dark. To a certain degree people under this house and sign may be naive, because they have the Badger trait of seeing everyone as ultimately good, and they try to fin the best in everyone. To more cynical houses and signs, this can be seen as dense, but Hufflepuff Sagittarians are in no way stupid, in fact they are often more intelligent than anyone expects, and when they show this aspect of themselves they can surprise people in a wonderful way. If you want a relationship without kinks, a person under this house and sign may be the type for you, as they just want toe romantic, soft parts of a romance, not the arguing or drama.

Want an analysis of your house and your sign? Leave it in my ask. Before requesting please check here to make sure it has not already been done.

…Yes. >w>

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I solemnly swear…  

that I am up to no good…

I want something like this for my next tattoo methinks…
But, I want badger paw-prints.
Because I’m a Hufflepuff~

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