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Please watch this.

Battle code is 76ZG-WWWW-WWW6-8LWH if you’d rather watch it on the VS recorder.

This guy kept challenging me to a battle and would disconnect every time I messed up his set up (he was trying for an “untouchable” Shedinja), and then would change his status to “don’t kill them” “I’m setting up” “doing a trick” and I knew what the trick was and I kept telling him no, and that it was unfair to keep disconnecting from me, but he kept challenging me and doing this over and over again.

So I decided to let him challenge me one last time, let him completely set up his piece of shit Shedinja, and just stall the fuck out of him as long as I could in hopes he’d disconnect in frustration.

The unexpected result was even better than I expected.

oh my GOD watch this it is the single greatest self-inflicted fuck you you will ever witness.

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Found this really cute Maid Pikachu strap (I am guessing representing Akihabara) and decided to add her to my very small Pika collection :3

Maybe someday I can figure out how to light better so I can show off my entire Pika collection!

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Intermission scenes during Pikachu’s Vacation

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Shit, guys, did I show you guys my banette Hanna designs?

My babe Tey rps Hanna and her pokemon of choice for him is Banette, and I’ve drawn him in like banette CLOTHING before but this time I wanted to draw him really like. Yes this is banette

so yeah here have that

Yes: I did just want to have his scar be a zipper

that’s the only reason why he’s shirtless besides the fact I haven’t drawn a really emaciated looking asshole in ages cos ‘m too busy drawing maya’s curvy ass self

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pokemon gijinkas from the stream! thanks everyone who dropped by it was fun

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옛날낙서 발견해서 하나는 새로 그려봄..

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