"My, aren’t you a FEISTY one…"
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Probably for the best Ples chose accounting over pharmacology or chemistry as a vocation…
Oh no, a wild theory appeared!
What if Ples (with his chemist/pseudo-science hobbies) is actually Worth’s supplier of supernatural drugs (including whatever Hanna’s “RX” pills are)?!!

You cannot defeat the sass-master.

everyone keeps asking why tessa stone stopped updating hinabn

but the most imprtant thing that she should be asked is

why the hell didn’t you make elliot minor’s parallel worlds one of ples’ charater songs??


Sometimes I like to explore different dynamics of Ples Tibenoch’s split personalities; one of my personal favourites being the dysfunctionally authoritative parent-child relationship of two siblings, who both end up feeling limited by the other. The original child being restrained and trapped in perpetual arrested development - and the parent who only exists to keep the self-destructive child safe out of obligation and thus having no time to indulge in their own dreams or future. Neither can reach their full potential in their rigid roles, but neither could exist without the other.
This is the only version in which I subscribe to the theory that Hyde!Ples came first and good!Ples being the secondary/facade.
It also makes good!Ples seems like less of a victim in this twist, as he is actually the one in power (and needing to enforce a “cruel to be kind” sort of tactic) and so their dynamic is mutually abusive by putting Hyde!Ples in the role of the discontent child rather than that of the bully.
TL;DR it’s passion vs. self-preservation

"After the first glass you see things as you wish they were. 
After the second, you see things as they are not. 
Finally you see things as they really are, 
and that is the most horrible thing in the world.” 
~ Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

i also sketched this the other day since i gave hanna is not a boy’s name another read. 



Friendly reminder that Ples is canonically far-sighted.

Then why doesn’t the dumb fuck look through his glasses?
Stupid cute dumb butt~
okay but what if pin-up ples


Whipping out everyone’s favourite clock-boy-toy for your pleasure, enjoy X3


Worth and Ples.
Y’know I hate gore and yet seem to be kinda good at drawing it…

Continuing the trend of simply inking old sketchbook Ples stuff I come across…
Scary child-molester Ples, idek, just don’t take candy from this guy.

/makes dumb noises

(Tibby tick tock tibbers for Ples~)