Hanna is Not a Boy’s Name: Downtown Disneyland Meetup!


Hey guys! It’s that time again! 

Last year, I (Trevor) hosted a Hanna is Not a Boy’s Name Cosplay Meetup at Disneyland. This year, I am doing it once again. 

  • Hanna is Not A Boy’s Name: Downtown Disneyland Meetup
  • September 5th, 2011 (Yes, Labor Day)
  • 11am-3pm
  • Meeting Infront of Build-A-Bear Workshop (near the fountain)
  • Cosplay? Casual Recommended, however, not required. 

Now you may be asking yourself, what exactly would we be doing at this so called meetup. Well, I’m glad you asked. We will be joining together for lunch at Naples to discuss and have fun and meet other still-active Hanna Fans. 

After we have lunch, we will do a not-organized-very-well photoshoot and conclude with some dancing to Ludo and just relaxing. It’s a great opportunity to go meet new friends and have fun with the old. 

Here are some cherished memories from last year’s event:

So please join us for this memorable event. Let TREVOR know if you want to come or have any more questions.

Please reblog in order to get the word out.

I wish I lived near Disneyland or had the money to fly over. ;u;