Steven Williams ruffled my hair and said that he liked the cut and the colour.

The next day I got a hug and a kiss on the cheek off of him.
I later found out that he was feeling very well and was coming down/was already down with something.
Steven Williams may have given me a cold…

So. My mum told Jim Beaver to piss off.

We got tickets for the meet and greet, and Jim came over to our table.
Now, there were 3 ladies at the table dressed for the party after the meet and greet (which was themed, fairy tales with a twist). There was a dead Dorathy, a fairy ‘hot’ mother and Goldie Rocks. Jim talked to them about what they were wearing and then he turned to my mum and said;
“I see you’ve come dressed as a normal person”
(She believes that normal is a terrible, terrible insult) To which my mother replied; “How dare you. You sit down, you don’t even know me and you insult me. Piss off.”
Jim just laughed.

Calling all Supernatural fans going to Asylum 8 this weekend!


I’m currently working on my university dissertation, which is going to be a documentary about you lot, AKA, Supernatural fans.
I’ve already filmed a couple of interviews, but, I need more. Because I’m greedy and you as a fan base have a lot of interesting things to say.
This weekend, I’m going to be attending the SPN con, Asylum 8. If you’re attending (or are just in the area) and have 10 minutes to spare, I would love to interview you! :D

To those of you that are going to A8 and want to be interviewed, you can either send me a message and we can sort out a time/place to conduct the interview. Or, if you’re going but don’t know when you’re free/want to contact me, I will, hopefully, be pretty noticeable. I plan to do Female!Castiel cosplay, Meg cosplay (read as; me in blue scrubs, a name tag that says Meg and a red stethoscope) and a Pikachu onesie. So just come up and say hello to get the ball rolling. C:

If you’re not going, or don’t want to be interviewed, I would appreciate a signal boost so very much.
(Also, if anyone’s buddies with any of the guests, politely ask if they can spare 10 mins of their time maybe? I contacted a couple of their agents about interviewing them, but got no reply…)